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The five best Christmas gifts I have given

The five best Christmas gifts I have given

  • Anisha Yadav

Christmas has always been the time of joy and celebration and particularly the time when you share your gifts with others this time it brings responsibility because you have to be wise in whatever you are giving to other people. After all, it's possible that your gift not be useful to them. There's a difference that takes place when we carefully choose a gift for someone, and it has nothing to do with the money you possess.  That is why today I'm sharing with you all a list of those gifts that I have given to my friends and family members over the years and this was well received and appreciated by them.  So let's begin with the list 


1) Hallmark Christmas Ornaments 

Christmas ornaments

It has been ever since the 2010 or even before that that we all became obsessed with the hallmark channel and their shows and of course the women of hallmark channel who have been entertaining us but the best part that I love about hallmark is there Christmas ornaments and one year when I have the bonus money for Christmas I decided that I'll do something different and for that year I bought hallmark Christmas tree ornaments for my family tree and as much as I love to hallmark Christmas movies and their ornaments my family to loves them and they were very happy to receive it and they say that till date that has been the best gift that I have given them. We decorated the tree while eating an amazing gingerbread Christmas cake.


2) Handmade scarves, socks, and candle holders

gifting scarves

Now this one is a tricky kind of gift because I had to take lots of classes to learn crochet. So in 2016, when I was low on money and didn't know what to get for my family for Christmas, a month before I started with these Christmas classes my friend had enrolled in and I practiced it good enough to make socks, scarves and candle holders for my family. This was a successful attempt and my family praised me for my hard work and an amazing gift. 


3) Monthly Coffee Subscriptions 

coffee subscription

I have many coffee lovers in my family and of course, I am as well. but a major interest in drinking different types of coffee is of different flavors was developed in the mean by my parents and I am thankful to them for this great gift so for one Christmas when again I was loan cash because I was studying in college and didn't have enough expenses I bought this monthly coffee subscription from bean box and they turned out to be real good. Ever since then if my parents are looking for some new kind of coffee they make me the in-charge. 


4) Hosted a Christmas Party 

Christmas party

Hosting a Christmas party in itself is a very big deal because you have lots of expenses that you need to take care of like purchasing gave us having enough for the guests to eat and enjoy. But because I was wanting and had enough amount saved already to spend for Christmas I decided to use the money wisely and give it as a gift to my sister. So when she became a new mother she was unable to host a Christmas party. So for her, I ordered flower delivery in Bangalore and decorated her whole house with lots of shades of blue, green, and red, yellow, orange, and of course some beautiful Christmas lights too. 


5) Skincare Essentials and Makeup 

beauty gifts

Basically, in my family, there are only three people me and my parents but sometimes our extended family Mai to visit us because they all had a broad or my take a break and celebrate the holiday season as they want. So I decided that I am going to surprise everyone with very beautiful gifts and I have purchased some high-end skincare essentials for the male members in my family and mini make-up kit for the female members. For the main members, I went with the body shop's limited edition and for women, it chooses to give Nars and Bobbie Brown. Everyone who received it was very happy that I thought so much about them. Since I was spending more on gifts, I decided to add cheap online flower delivery in Bangalore. After all, when my gift is amazing, flowers just are an add-on to it, and actually, people were very happy with the combination. 

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