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Flora Tiara #3 – 10 Types of Floral Crowns Trending Right Now!

Flora Tiara #3 – 10 Types of Floral Crowns Trending Right Now!

  • Aratrika Dasgupta

Floral head bands and crowns have gained immense popularity in the recent times. Not only teenage girls but even brides-to-be on their bachelorette’s are spotted wearing pretty flower crowns and looking “selfie-ready”!

Crowning you and looking like a perfect fairytale princess has now been made a reality for every girl with the advent of varieties of floral tiaras, in various shapes, sizes, designs and colours.

Here we bring to you some of the most popular choices in floral crowns that you can wear. PS: If you are staying in Pune and looking for an option for sourcing these beautiful flowers to make a floral tiara, then fret not! You can order flowers online pune from BloomsVilla.

  • A mixed crown 

Well a well contrasting array of flowers can go very well. What we call it would be a mixed flower crown. Different hues will no doubt be very pleasing to the eye and of course be oh so pretty as well! Striking a sharp and crisp note would be so very easy with this mixed floral crown. 

  • Single coloured crown 

So a single colour along with varied textures will do elegant and grace personified. Bright choices should be on the money we need to get the spot light on you. With a single zone for the retina, the hair also gets highlighted and it sure works wonders. 

  • Veil with Petals 

Confused? Oh fret not dear. You can have them both you will be a complete show stopper at your wedding. The flow of the veil will complement the flower crown attached to it. Sticking to a pastel palette will be a good choice though. 

  • Match & Mix 

Too common? Not at all! A pretty party dress or even a t-shirt in solids and adding that to a contrasting coloured crown will for sure send eyes rolling. We call it matching it with your flower crown dear. Flowers are never too much and hey who ever said ever? 

  • Baby whispers

 Does your gown have hues of pink and lace work on it? You can then team it up quite well with baby breath. They are minimalistic in appearance and set you a class apart. What does wonders is the lace embroidery does wonders in complementing them. 

  • Daisy Love 

Do I need to say that they are one your best option and have elegance written all over them? No right, then go ahead flaunt them, but hey do wear your smile, because that makes all the difference. 

  • Leafy Greens

Tom boys don’t hide, come out and play with green! A floral crown of leaves will definitely give you a warm look on your wedding day. You could add twigs to it to make a bit more sassy and the oomph factor will be towards the warmer tone.

  • Floral head piece 

You need not always go for a floral crown; a simple head piece would do wonders at times. Simplicity at its best is what I would call this, not always is quantity a necessity, quality works better. But with a flowery design ofcourse! 

  • Crowning like a Queen (At the Back) 

Sometimes to highlight your neck, you might want to wear the flowers at the back. It does wonders to your back as well as your neck and gets you all decked up with such ease. Saving time might not the top priority here but then detailing can be looked upon as needed. A top bun is what all you need to complete the look. 

  • Side Floral Crowns 

If you like to jazz it up even more and add to your style quotient, then look towards wearing the petals at the side, rendering an asymmetrical look to the attire. It sure is an amazing idea as you can double the hair volume on the other side, which will complete the look and up your glamour quotient as well. Not all was ever said like before was it?

So these were a snap shot of how you can do so much more with flowers and look amazing with natural shades of the creator Himself. A lot has said then girl, why don’t you start looking or rather planning for your party or day out with friends and I guess it might be time to start giving those florists in Pune a visit now.

For a DIY guide to making a floral tiara, you can watch this Youtube video:

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