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Reigning Roses (Part 1): Top 10 Gardening Tips for Roses

Reigning Roses (Part 1): Top 10 Gardening Tips for Roses

  • Aratrika Dasgupta

Most of the times people have a love-hate relationship with the roses. You either admire them immensely or find them extremely over rated. It is basically like the combination of beautiful and color-filled blooming buds of the roses and its thorny stems.  The thorns may indicate something rather pessimistic but they also can be symbolic of the harsh obstacles of life on which we tread our part to reach the light at the end of the tunnel which is the bud of the rose.

No matter how controversial these flowers can be, one can never deny the passionate charm that a rose carries along with it.

You will always find a bunch of rose in most gardens of flora lovers and gardeners. That is because no matter how difficult these flowers are said to be grown, any garden feels incomplete without the presence of a ‘Rosalia’.  

So if you are a rose-lover or want to start planting these sensational flowers in your garden then here are a few gardening tips to make the job easier for you:

  • Do Away with the Misconception – Before you even get into growing roses in your garden, make sure you start being positive about it. Growing roses are not as difficult as you think. With the proper amount of sunlight and a good drainage system and plenty of correct fertilizers used, they are actually very easy to grow. So make sure you do away with the negativity first because remember plants are also living beings and they can detect your energies! 
  • Know your Variety- Before you dive into buying any plant that you come across, get some knowledge on the type of roots and specific variety or varieties that you want to buy. For a newbie, it is always suggested to go for container roses or bare-root roses are the best way to go. While container roses are easy to maintain, bare root ones are more convenient and economical but they always need to be soaked overnight before planting in your garden. 
  • Avoid too many Varieties- While we ask you to carefully choose your favorite variety of roses, we also might wanna recommend you to notch down a little bit on going overboard with excessive number of roses in your garden in different varieties. Because as you know sometimes ‘too many cooks spoil the broth’ and we are sure that you don’t want to do the same with your garden. 
  • The Climate & The Soil – No matter what you do and how many tips you receive make sure to get this one thing right. A flower, no matter of species it belongs to, need the right amount of heat and water, as per its individual requirement. For roses, as much as it needs plenty of sunshine that is, atleast 6-8 hours, they also need to be protected from the harsh afternoon sunlight. That is why growing roses in the tropical regions in summer are a hassle compared to that in the winters. Also, a well drained soil is something that roses love as long as the organic matter, compost, etc. used is in a perfect balance with the amount of moisture in the soil. 
  • Digging deep – When it comes to digging the perfect hole to bury the roots of the roses, one need to keep in mind the kind of space that the roots require. It is very important to note that if you are growing a line of bushes side by side there should be atleast a significant amount of gap between each hole where the rose is to be planted so that it gives the plant some space to breathe and also lets sufficient moisture in.
  • Feeding with fertilizers – Your roses are like your babies. So feeding them timely and sufficiently is very important to get a healthy bunch of roses. Roses need their nourishment very fast and are can therefore, only look refreshingly magnificent and bright with organic fertilizers, composts, manures and certain national fertilizers like fish emulsions, etc. With the optimal amount of potassium, nitrogen and other important nutrients your plants will grow in full health. Try to avoid using chemical and synthetic fertilizers as they tend to make the soil build more sodium content which is not good for the growth of a rose. 
  • Pruning & Mulching – Well, we cannot emphasize on this enough but the more mulch, the better your garden is. And when it comes to pruning, it helps in a lot of things like preventing the plants from bugs and diseases, helping in better air flow, encourages re-blooming and so on. But make sure that you do it carefully and not affect the plants when doing so. Hire a professional if required. And also make sure to sharpen your pruning shears for a quick and clean cut.
  • Bug-Free Spices- Garlic can be used in the garden planted along with the roses so that you do not get unwanted pests. Similarly, cinnamons act as a very good fungicide. 
  • Cut it Right – Trim the roses regularly and keep all foliage and trees around your plant cleared so that the growth is maintained and the roses do not get spoilt or rot out. 
  • Take a Guide – And if nothing works at all, then visit a local nursery or join a rose society to help sharpen your skills on rose gardening and soon you will be an expert too!
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