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8 Ideas to Impress a Girl for the Perfect Kiss

8 Ideas to Impress a Girl for the Perfect Kiss

  • Aratrika Dasgupta

perfect kiss

Did you know that 6th of July 2018 was ‘International Kissing Day’? If not, then you have missed your chances guys. But do not worry; we are here to give you some great gifting ideas to impress your girl enough to get a kiss from her at the end of the day! But first let us know a little bit about this day.

Where did it all start?

international kissing day

International Kissing Day was first established in Britain in 2006 to celebrate lovers all across the world and soon turned into an annual event. This day signifies the love, romance, passion and affection and how they are symbolic to a ‘kiss’. Not only this, but on this day in U.K., the organizers also make analysis and see kissing trends of the people of the nation, the best and worst techniques and so on.

Interesting, isn’t it?

 titanic kiss

Some iconic kisses that we can list out here are the kiss shown in the Titanic between Jack and Rose, Kate Middleton and Prince William’s Balcony kiss on their wedding day, Allie and Noah’s kiss in the rain in The Notebook, and we can go on and on!

But as famous as these on-screen and off-screen kisses had been, what really counts are the real kiss of love which most of us have had once in our lives with our beloved partner’s.

You never forget your first kiss. So in order to make it more memorable and create a special ambiance to get the perfect first kiss, you can do the following things to impress your lady love:

1. Set the right mood

candlelight dinner

Whether it is a candle lit dinner dine out or a cozy comfy movie night at home, setting the mood right is what is required if you want to get close to your partner. Whether it is through your ever-lasting jokes and incredible sense of humor that sweeps your girl off their feet or your goofy character or your brooding looks, know what allures her and turn the charm on in full swing.

2. Raise the Bar

how to kiss
A girl, be it her first kiss or not, would always want their first kiss with YOU to be the most memorable. In order to nail that you need to know about her previous experiences as well as her likes or dislikes or how she always wanted her perfect kiss to be and then go for it!

3. Tickle the Adrenaline

good kiss

If you are not a newbie, then you definitely know what it feels like right before you are about to kiss somebody. The eye contact, the sudden rush of heavy breathing, tickling of the stomach and all this because of a great ambience. So, make sure that adrenaline rush is there.

4. Good Music

music before kiss
A great way of feeling romantic is by playing really good music. Try making her a mix tape and play it to her and dance with her. This will lead to physical contact and create a rush. A romantic movie is also a great way to a first kiss.

5. Great Conversation

conversation before kissing

Don’t underestimate the power of bonding over a good cup of coffee and superbly deep conversations. They can also be a reason for your first kiss if you can be a great conversationalist and a smooth-talker.

6. Charming Gifts

gifts before kiss
Gifting your girl not only makes her happy but makes her feel extremely special. If you have taken her on a candle-lit dinner and shower her with beautiful flowers she would definitely be impressed. Make sure to give her red roses or some romantic flowers followed by a compliment to end the evening with a perfect passionate kiss just like the symbolic flowers of love and passion. You can also decorate your home with candles and flowers, buy her some nice pretty gift and she will surely be swept off her feet. You can send flowers to Kolkata using BloomsVilla's rocket fast flower delivery service.

7. Long Walks

long walk couple

Taking a walk down a beautiful park or a beach side or a quiet road can lead to a lot of unspoken sparks. Learn the body language of your girl and lean in to create a magical evening.

8. Make her feel like Cinderella

make her feel like cinderella
We all know the kiss Cinderella shared with Prince Charming right? Every girl wants to feel like a princess at some points of their lives. So give her that perfect day and make her happy so that at the end of the day the kiss feels no less than a fairytale.

    Every one of us deserves a perfect life partner- not to share our first kiss with but to share that one perfect kiss which will leave us on our toes forever.

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