Get the Best and Most Stylish Looking Dining Room with these 11 Arrangements


An earthy feel or a classic sleek look or a modern cool aura – dining decors serve to be an important component in any household. While guests are at home, we all have that secret dream of impressing them with the greatest designs which leaves them spellbound. To compliment the beauty and charm of your house, we bring to you some exquisite design ideas for your dining room –

  • Set an eclectic tone to your dining area by pairing up a mahogany table with upholstered or non-upholstered chairs. The wooden combination gives the area a clean, earthy feel and a classy look. With a touch of green plants on the side of the room or maybe a small centre-piece and those well-polished pairs of table and chairs gives it a modern touch with lots of elegance.
  • Trying to bring a glamorous ambience to your dining hall? Pair up a dark wooden farm table with traditional dining chairs with an intricate back design of the chairs. A chandelier focusing the table and giving its wooden surface a shine and antique pieces around the dining area gives it a vintage look and amps up the glamour quotient
  • If you are thinking of restyling or refurnishing your dining room, create an appealing look by opting for an unconventional design by pairing up Windsor chairs with round tables in different textures. Top it off with a beautifully designed white table cover and surround the area with modern low lighting and put up a candle stand in the middle of the table giving it a modern yet country feel. It doesn’t hurt to put a charming centre piece with lovely pink and white flowers.

  • If you are going for a picnic in your lawn to impress your target guests then, farm chairs and folding tables are your way to go. To enhance the look of the garden area, surround it with flowery blooms and make sure you have plenty of colorful mocktails to serve!
  • You may have spare arm chairs at your place lying down which needs to be put into good use. Worry not as we are here with one of the most formal dining table looks. Use the arm chairs typically placed at 2 heads of the table and to balance out the broadness of the chairs pair it with a simple, sleek wooden table giving it an inviting look. You can also add cushions to add a touch of comfort to it. Don’t forget to add a beautiful flower bouquet from Bloomsvilla at the center of the table.
  • Is black your favorite color for almost everything? Then live black with our new look of a glossy set of wide seated black padded chairs with a long wide table with a glossy finish, ofcourse in black! Suggested to make this arrangement in a room with big windows and good lighting to add a fresh breath of air and accentuate the modern feel of this setting. If you want to slightly change the business looking set up, you can always add a retro designed urn with floating flowers or petals.
  • Aiming for a rustic design with some bohemian touch? Out up broad legged light wood tables with benches and maybe some wooden frames in the walls. Some wind chimes gives it an old world charm and put some colorful little pots lined in the middle of the table for that edgy look
  • An executive table set up is much needed for those days when the boss comes for dinner. Black is your go to color on these days. Sophisticated black chairs with wooden legs combined with a wooden table gives it a refined look and can impress your boss at one go! Other than the cooked food ofcourse!
  • Parson chairs are well- used for all decorative set ups as they are in itself a style icon and brings up the luxe of the house through their leathered, tufted or patterned designs. Add it to a white table and the room automatically lightens and brightens up.

  • A traditional look can always be achieved with infused wicker chairs and a retro style table. Color combos should always be light and dark. And a soulful bouquet of flowers in a glass vase can simply accentuate the beauty of that retro look.
  • Contemporary looks can be achieved through taupe styled chairs and wooden flooring complimenting the wooden table. Naturally cut table gives a charismatic charm and adds a new perspective to the dining hall.

The art of decorating a dining space involves integration of innovative ideas with a hint of love which leads to wonderful and eye-catching looks. Whether you want to enrich the dining area with a fashionable view or give it a nostalgic feel for your loved ones, it is all about the finest details which add a personal touch to your formal set up.


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