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  • Aratrika Dasgupta

Did you know that the emergency call of “Mayday” which originated in the year 1923 as an international distress call has no relation with the May Day celebrated all over the world, especially in the northern hemisphere on the 1st of May?

Well, that sure is one fun fact but that does not stop us folks in BloomsVilla to create an even better connection right off the top of our heads between the two!

So, what is this rare connection you ask?

Well, May Day celebrated on the 1st of May every year is considered to be a spring festival which involves singing, dancing and lots of decorations. We know that any festival cannot be complete without flower decorations and when it comes to festivals in spring, the season in itself defines the birth of beautifully blooming buds.

bangalore blooms

Spring cannot happen without flowers and so cannot festivals. Even though the advent of the month of May in a tropical country like India means bidding adieu to the wonderful season of spring, but summers are always bright and ‘sunflower-y’ in this country. Bangalore being an especially blooming city, you will find every school and college campuses, every office premises and every corner of the roads, designed with brightly colored plants and fresh flowers growing all around.  

spring flowers bangalore

We at BloomsVilla therefore, brought about this idea that with the advent of May, to keep the holiday and long weekend mood still going, flower delivery in Bangalore is no more a “Mayday” situation.

We bring to you easy and fast delivery at every nook and corner of the city. Send flowers to Bangalore from any corner of the same city or another via us to your friends, family or even your office colleagues for any occasion. 

But do not worry, as the theme suggests, our offer is not limited to the month of May. So, is this article where we talk about the different months and flower requirements around the year especially for delivery in Bangalore.

  • The month of January and February follows the chilly winters into the sweet spring breeze as people are still in the mood of New Year’s and enter the month which celebrates love with Rose Day to Valentine’s Day, like no other month. Flowers are a regular during this month.
  • March to April is celebratory for its Karaga Festival which depicts the earthen pot and symbolizes ‘Shakti’ i.e. power and strength.  The earthen pots used in the procession ritual can be decorated with flowers.
  • Pongal is another very famous festival which marks the beginning of spring with the commencement of harvest. Such seasonal bliss can only be accompanies by beautiful blooms
  • Ugadi is a festival celebrated to mark the advent of the Kannad New Year during the month of March or beginning of April. Many people believe in doing house-warming ceremonies during this time and a house becomes a home when flowers are welcoming.
  • June-July, the monsoon season where due to blissful downpours, the city of Bangalore can turn most people day-dreaming at home. Bangalore known for its pleasant weather, especially during these months can turn most people emotional or romantic and what better way to express your feelings but with flowers. Send flowers in Bangalore to anybody’s doorstep at your convenience even during the heavy rainfalls.
  • The months of August, September, October, November follow a series of festivals starting from Lakshmi Puja to Ganesh Chaturthi to Dussehra and Diwali. There is no compromise with flowers in any during this time in the whole country, so why will Bangalore remain any far behind. We are here to decorate your homes with anytime delivery to Bangalore in any place.
  • Last, but not the least, who can ignore the Christmas lights when it calls you. But we Indians do it better by sending flowers and throwing parties the entire month where the mood is joyful and “Christmassy” and those flowers add to the charm of Christmas and the Christmas trees definitely.

So, with plenty of reasons to buy flowers all over the year, Bangalore get into the joyous mood and the groove because “Maydays” are gone and “flower-ful” days are on because sending flowers in Bangalore has never been more easier.

Cherry Blossoms In Bangalore

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