Wine and Dine, and Flowers to Intertwine!

Wine and Dine, and Flowers to Intertwine!

Planning for a romantic dinner? Got invited to a friend's house warming ceremony or to your boss's home for a cocktail party? No matter what the occasion is, the best possible gifts are a bottle of wine and a bouquet of flower. 

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Flowers can compliment a bottle of wine perfectly with their versatile colours, odour and beautiful textures.

Imagine just at the brink of twilight with a bottle of Bollinger, pink and sparkling and white lilies kept on a beautiful glass vase beside it on your front porch table. The pink from the wine perfectly complimenting the orange and pink hues of the sky and the lilies add perfect sense to the entire set. Or even in the candle lit room, white wine shining proudly in a tall slender wine glass accompanied by purple and white flowers or red roses giving a tough competition to that deep dark red wine holding to many emotions in one night.

All these images only give us more clarity of how perfect the wine and flower combination is and makes us crave for more.

For all those dreamers‌, online flower delivery in Gurgaon, Delhi, Pune, Bangalore and other cities have been made easy through BloomsVilla.

 Be it hot, bright summer pool parties or a rainy evening and movie night plans at home or winters bringing Christmas and New Year's craze wine and flowers are the perfect go-to gifts. For all gifting purposes, flower delivery is easy these days.

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Let us look at some of the flowers and which wines they compliment -

  • White orchids and Chardonnay are the perfect combination as orchids have an exquisite shape and Chardonnay goes very well giving it an added elegance.
  • As mentioned earlier, a bottle of sparkling Champagne perfectly compliments the grace that is a white lily.
  • Daisies or bright yellow daffodils bring out the cheer in every summer party. And what better to pair it with than a bottle of fresh and yellow Blanc du Bois
  • You can never go wrong with a bunch of red roses or a mix of red and white roses. Pairing them up with the dark and red Merlot just comes off as extremely sophisticated and suave.
  • Cannot choose what flowers to give? Plan to give a bouquet of mixed color of gerberas or roses with little white flowers or throw in some blue or purple with hydrangeas and pair up with a bottle of Chemin Blanc and it will reflect warmth
  • Blue hydrangeas are your go to when it needs to come with a red bottle of dazzling Pinot Noir
  • The soft hue of dahlias or the anemones with a hint of white with the deep colors of the red port wine are a deadly combination
  • White is the sign of poise, elegance and peace. So, pair up those white bouquet from all the marvellous collection of flowers with the classic Sauvignon Blanc.
  • Talk about timeless classic pairings. Rieslings and tulips are the way to go.
  • Feeling too yellow? The bright and sunny sunflower’s or Chrysanthemums paired with the cool, crisp glass of Viogner gives you the right summer vibes 
  • Red carnations are a favourite for so many gift lovers. So uplift them with a bottle of Syrah or Shiraz and it’s a match!
  • Cymbidium orchids or lavenders or the blue peonies give a great competition to the bold taste of Cabernet Sauvignon
  • When we think of orange, we think of cheerful blooms such as Begonia, Marigold, Iris, Cosmos, and many others which has that tangy yellow orange hue. It perfectly complements the zing that is in a glass of Orange Muscat 
  • Callas grouped with freesias or gladiola’s or different colored lilies with a different texture would look wonderful with a bottle of Zinfandel
  • An elegant bunch of white tulips or carnations or even the serene scents of jasmine goes perfectly well with the delicate taste of Semillon or White Bordeaux wine
So, be it White or Red or Rose or Sparkling wine, without flowers they are an incomplete gift.
Flowers bring out the best in every gift and that’s why we are here to make flower delivery in Gurgaon and any other city. You ask, we deliver!


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