Saying Adieu with Same Day Flower Delivery

Saying Adieu with Same Day Flower Delivery

What comes to mind when an immediate need of same day flower delivery arises?  Forgotten someone’s birthday or anniversary? Or maybe the sudden demise of a loved one?

An urgent need for flower delivery usually arise on occasions such as funerals. Although funerals can be a very sensitive topic to discuss about, it is also an inevitable part of every human being’s life and it follows certain cultures and traditions. With focus on these cultural values, we have always seen the presence of flowers in funerals. Flowers are considered to be some of the most gentle and calming creations of nature and hold significance in various cultures and religions and henceforth are required in any funeral be it sympathy flowers for soothing the soul of the deceased or funeral flowers for decorative purposes. We shall be talking about flowers and their role in saying goodbyes.

Importance of Flowers in Funerals

Flowers are the symbol of peace, purity and remembrance. They mirror the cycle of life and give new hopes to the family of the deceased and prove to be a mark of eternal love for the deceased.

During ancient times, due to the freshness of flowers and their fragrance, they were usually kept preserved and buried with the bodies of Egyptian corpses as they believed that it would give the person good luck, positivity and good vibes for their after-life.

In modern times, flowers bring comfort and a sense of peace and calmness for those who are grieving.

We thus, always find people carrying flower bouquets and rings or garlands etc. at funerals as a sign of respect and empathy.

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 Significance of Flowers in Different Religion

  • Hinduism – Religious importance of flowers in the Hindu culture holds a lot of significance. Flowers are widely used in most religious ceremonies and rituals and funerals being one of them. In Hindu funerals, only white flowers are given as a tribute to the person who has departed this world. Traditionally, tube rose or jasmine garlands and wreath rings are carried at funerals as well as accompanied with the body of the deceased at cremation.
  • Islam – This religion abides by simplicity and therefore, avoids usage of flowers in funerals unless the family of the deceased wishes for it. Usually rose water is sprinkled at the graves but flowers otherwise have a very limited use in Islamic funerals.
  • Christianity- Flowers play a very significant role in Christian funerals. Starting from sending flowers to the funeral homes and family of the deceased to using flowers to decorate the casket, and other flower arrangements like standing sprays, casket sprays, floral baskets, inside pieces, etc. are very necessary.
  • Buddhism- Buddhist funerals usually accept white flowers before or after the service. However, the red flowers can be very inappropriate at these funerals.
  • Jewish – Although most religions require flowers at funerals, the Jewish traditions strictly consider flowers inappropriate for funerals. Instead of flowers, fruit baskets, desserts, donations are appreciated.

Flowers Appropriate for Funerals and What They Symbolize

  • Lilies – Lilies are a sign of restored innocence and are the most appropriate flowers for funerals. They represent the purity of a soul and often result in a calm, soothing feeling from its aroma
  • Pink Carnations – These flowers are mainly given as a sign of remembrance in the form of wreaths or standing sprays
  • Chrysanthemums – ‘Mums’, as they call it are often used in funerals of European and American countries as a symbol of honor and sympathy whereas they are believed to be a sign of grief as well as rebirth.
  • Orchids- Orchids are often associated with eternal love and are considered as perfect funeral flowers as they are considered as a flower of mourning.
  • Daffodils and Tulips – These flowers are very rare but can be given as a sign of a fresh start or new hope and new beginnings. They are believed to provide a sense of closure.
  • Hyacinth and Hydrangeas- These flowers are also the rare kinds given at funerals. They can hold a lot of meanings like heartfelt emotions to deep anguish or a sign of prayer and respect.


Flowers are the ultimate signs of prayer, devotion and love. They can best express emotions and feelings like nothing else can. For funerals, they bring in a deep sense of peace and tranquility that every family requires at tough times like these. So order up lilies, carnations, tube-rose, jasmine garlands, wreaths or any other arrangement of funeral flowers for same day delivery in Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, and other select cities from BloomsVilla now and express your heartfelt emotions !



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