How to become the Best Online Flower Delivery Shop in Business

How to become the Best Online Flower Delivery Shop in Business

Online flower delivery can be a hassle for many when it comes to delivering fresh and blooming flowers. Since flowers are delicate and perishable goods, they are prone to damage, especially during time of delivery. That is why during recent days with so many online flower delivery services coming up here and there, the quality of service has deteriorated significantly. Then, how to make sure these flowers are delivered with proper care and how to survive in this competitive market of online flower delivery?

Well we have the answer right here!

Following are some of the best ways in which you can create innovative ideas and make your online flower delivery business a success:

  • Freshly Cut and Hand-picked Flowers- Nobody would like a broken stem or a couple of decayed petals or a withered bouquet of flowers. So online services must ensure proper delivery of the flowers without any damage or breakage. It is best to send out freshly picked flowers direct from the farms to the customer’s doorstep for the freshness to be intact and making the flowers more long-lasting. 
  • Good Packaging- The way a flower is packed speaks volumes about the online delivery service company. With what material the packaging is done, the way bouquets or flower baskets are even designed also depends on the customer’s impressions and good reviews. In order to make the flower packaging look attractive and appealing, you can use different kind of colorful papers and ribbons, etc. But also make sure that the box in which it is sent is sturdy, and has the right arrangements to keep the flowers fresh and intact.


  • Eco-Friendly Wraps- For our green environment lover friends, we should have a specially designed website with eco-friendly materials used as paper wraps instead of plastic covers and also use DIY gift cards and such. This broadens the market base and attracts more customers. 


  • Attractive Offers- Daily or weekly or even seasonal offers or vouchers such as free gifts and discount coupons should be provided to increase popularity of your online flower delivery service. First free delivery or a free gift card for next purchase and other such smart deals for the first buyers help in largely increasing promotional value of the online service. 
  • Tie-ups with Florist Shops- To get faster delivery with fresh and quality flowers, tie-ups with flowers shops in different cities can be a good strategy. This will increase speed and efficiency of online flower delivery in Hyderabad, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Delhi, Pune and other such high-end metropolitan areas where flower demands are on a hike. 


  • Mobile Application- To make your website more user-friendly, a mobile app should also be launched for benefit of your customers. As mobile apps are gaining popularity in every field day by day, flower delivery apps are a break-through idea and can make online flower delivery more easier and convenient. 
  • Customized Services-As most of us have a varied sense of choice and style, when it comes to gifts, customization gives a personal touch to them. Therefore, online flower delivery sites should have this feature readily available with message cards as well as additional gifts such as chocolates and teddy bears, etc. These are especially under high demand on special occasions like birthdays, Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, etc.


  • Unique Designs- Roses, lilies, gerberas, orchids, hydrangeas or hyacinths – each flower bouquet or basket should come with a unique feature or design. Even mixed bouquets should have changing flower combinations with a striking look. Customers should have the opportunity in choosing from a wide range of collections. 
  • Easy Accessibility- On-time delivery and maintaining accuracy in the particular instructions provided by the client creates a good worth in the market. Offers like same day delivery or post midnight anytime delivery can raise the popularity of the business even more. 


  • Amicable Assistance- After the client has placed his or her order, they expect good communication. A website should provide all that information by displaying a helpline number (which is available 24*7) and a contact us page with a responsive email id, alternate contact number and other such details. The customer should not be kept waiting and the responses should be prompt. All queries should be taken care with utmost responsibility. A time to time communication should also be done while the flower is on transit via SMS and/or email to the customer. This creates a good influence and helps maintain customer relationship. 
  • Instructions Booklet- An instructions booklet with all the necessary information of how to take good care of the flowers to make them more resilient and prevent them from rotting easily must be provided along with the package. This makes your business look more professional.

Here we have listed some of the very important and necessary rules of online flower delivery. But what needs to be kept in mind that if the flowers look welcoming and the quality is on point, being pricey or expensive will be your last issue about these delivery services. So make sure they are kept preserved with good care and are blooming to brighten up anyone’s day.


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