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15 Stunning Flowers to Plant This Summer in Hyderabad

15 Stunning Flowers to Plant This Summer in Hyderabad

  • Aratrika Dasgupta

Send flowers to your loved ones in Hyderabad this summer to make their houses refreshing and blossoming. With heated up summers and bright sunny days, flowers are blooming all over Hyderabad and so are the flower lovers. Sending and receiving flowers have become a trend now with households being constantly decorated with our beautiful blooms. Starting from hanging baskets to flowers beds and shrubs to beautifully designed gardens, everyone is looking for incorporating flowers in their life to add in some colors. Hyderabad’s hot and dry weather is ideal for growing some of the prettiest flowers, which require plenty of sunlight and natural conditions to grow. In relation to this we bring to you some of the best summer flowers to be grown in your Hyderabad homes.

  • Bougainvillea- Good to let grow as vines and without much maintenance, these plants need very minimal watering and plenty of sunlight. They are best to decorate as climbers around your gates or front porch and give the house an earthen charm.


  • Neerium- Better known as oleanders, these flowers are best to grow in sub-tropical and warm regions. They mainly come in shrubs and are found in white, red and pink hues.


  • Lantana- Available in a wide variety of colors, they survive best in summers and are not so suitable during the rainy season. They require good drainage and extremely dry conditions and are best suitable for Hyderabad summers.


  • Vinca- Extremely useful for treatment of leukemia, lymphoma and childhood cancer, this plant also adds a brightening effect t any garden it grows in. It is an ornamental plant and requires very less maintenance.


  • Cacti- Succulents like cacti and other such plants are best suited for dry and hot weather that Hyderabad displays. Although not really a flowering plant, they have their own unique beauty which makes them popular among many households.


  • Euphorbia- Found in many different colors and forms, they grow well in partial or full sunlight and throughout the year. They are very easy to grow as they are almost good at surviving in any weather conditions.


  • Petunia- Perfect for hanging boxes or house pots, these perennials can fill the house with immense liveliness and color. They require extreme hot climates and harsh weather conditions for growth and hence, are best to grow in Hyderabad.


  • Gerbera-This flower is very easily available and can also be found in different colors. However, just as lantanas they cannot tolerate rains and need good drainage and a dry weather for sustaining.


  • Daisy- These white buds can put a smile on anyone’s face when displayed in gardens. They can be found in many varied species and have a long-lasting flowering season.


  • Russelia- These ornamental plants are found very rarely in households but are great to decorate window boxes or hanging baskets and in pots. They are available in pink or ivory white colors.
  • Aster- These star-shaped purple blooms can be found in variety of hybrids and can be grown in hard, dry climate. They can add a very vibrant look to your garden.

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  • Geranium- They are suggested to be put in flower beds which are slightly raised so that passage of water is easy as they can survive only in hot and dry conditions. Available in white, pink, purple and blue, they are also used for different pharmaceutical products.
  • Angelonia- These purple species of flowers are herbaceous plants which are good for hair oils. They are best grown as ornamental plants and can also be added in bouquets.
  • Gazania- Almost looking like daisies, these flowers come in white yellow flower-heads and are extremely drought-tolerant and hence, good for growing in a dry climate. They can bloom wonderfully throughout summers and autumn and compliments the bright sunshine very well.
  • Clematis- Climbers and vines suitable for growing these flowers, their deep pink and purple hues along with a tinge of white makes it a wonderfully attractive flower to be grown in households. Scrambling through fences and walls, they are adaptable to almost any area with moist good soil.

 These varieties listed above come in various colors and different types of shapes. They can add a very striking and gorgeous look to your gardens or window sills and balconies. These plants can also be kept in vases to decorate your homes. And just in case you are too tired to go through the process of cutting and trimming the flowers, you can order or send flowers to Hyderabad with one click away via BloomsVilla.

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