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Significance of Flowers in India

Significance of Flowers in India

  • Aratrika Dasgupta

Have you ever wondered why there has always been such a high popularity and demand to buy flowers online in India?

India is a secular country. It is a country joined by the hearts and emotions of people. It holds various histories, heritages, cultures and traditions in its creations and components.

Flowers are also a big part of these cultures and traditions. It holds various significance in different religions, festivals, events and so on.

In this article, we take a peek into these uses or significance of the flowers that our cultural aspect withholds:

Starts of the Day- Flowers are used early mornings for 'puja' or worshipping the Tulsi plant at the hour of dawn along with a lamp. This marks the beginning to an auspicious day and helps keep the purity and goodness alive in the family.

Weddings- Flowers are an integral part of any wedding. Indian weddings display a wide range of its cultures and traditional values where flowers are a must. Starting from decoration of the halls for aesthetic purposes to usage of flowers in the wedding rituals, flowers add to the brightness and holiness of the ceremony. Garlands also play a significant role at the rituals. The cars are also decorated with flowers especially in which the groom arrives which give a luxurious feel.

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Religious purposes - With India holding various different religious groups in the country, the demand to buy flowers online or offline is also very high. This is due to the continuous festivities and occasions that keep happening through the year in almost all the states. Flowers play a very important role in most of these festivities and religion. For example: Lotus being the national flower of the country is considered to be a scared flower used in various religious ceremonies. It has a mythological aspect and is associated to many Gods and Goddesses in the Hindu culture. It depicts purity, fertility, divinity in the Buddhist religion. Jasmine, Hibiscus, marigold are also some of the few flowers used for religious purposes.

Decorative purpose- High demand for flowers to buy flowers online in India especially is also due to decorative purposes like for making rangolis , using them at various pandals during festivals, making Garlands and also their usage as hair accessories.

Cosmetic and Medicinal Use- Flowers and its different parts are used in various cosmetic and healing purposes. For example. The fragrance of jasmine flower makes it a popular cosmetic product for bathing soaps, perfumes, etc.

Flowers as Gifts- The entire aspect of flowers depicting emotions makes them such fascinating objects for gifting. Red roses to express love, white lilies to express calming and pure soul, etc. are obvious reasons why flowers are so popular. To buy flowers in India online as well as from florist shops or flower markets is therefore; very easy as flowers for gifting purposes is readily available all around.

Designer wear- Floral prints are some of the trendiest things in designer clothing, especially for summer dresses and tops, etc. Flower hair bands, and other accessories are also very popular among today's generation. The different colors add elegance and chicness to any fabric.

At home- Because of the calling and positive effects that a flower has, many people like keeping their homes decorated with flowers in vases, as flower baskets or in hanging baskets. A lot of people also maintain gardens and lawns filled with beautifully fragrant blooms.

In his famous book "The Crescent Moon", Rabindranath Tagore, one of the very affluent personalities and poet of India had mentioned the essence and importance of flowers with India's cultural diversity. He represented in this book 'the oneness of culture with flowers’.

 Flowers in India signify its cultural values, its richness, integrity, liveliness, and it's relation with humanity in wondrous ways.

The way these nature's loving blooms are a part of every Indian's lives is astonishing and note-worthy. That is why there is such tremendous demands to buy flowers online and offline in India. Likewise, availability of online shops and floral markets and florists blossoming in India especially in the last few years and so is the popularity and utility of them in more sectors.

So we say keep India more colorful and blossoming with these aromatic beauties of nature!

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