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The Effects of Superstitions on Flowers in India

The Effects of Superstitions on Flowers in India

  • Aratrika Dasgupta

If you are an Indian with superstitious beliefs, then this article is just what you need to read today! While planning to send flowers online to someone anywhere in India, make sure they know the right tips and tricks of keeping flowers at home. By tips and tricks we do not just men how to take care of them, but what kind of flowers to be kept, the placement of flowers in the house and other such aura that the flowers pass. Flowers, in general, possess a positive energy all around them which in turn affects the atmosphere of any house. That is why it is believed that keeping flowers at home or sending flowers online or offline to someone can bring a lot of joy and happiness in their lives.

So here are a list of few pros and cons of keeping flowers at home:


  1. Keeping flowers at home enhances the beauty of the house. It gives a fresh energy to the room it is placed in and adds to the liveliness of the house. So you should send flowers online in India to as many families and friends possible to enhance the beauty of their households.
  2. It releases positive energy and helps in keeping the environment of the house calm and peaceful. It is therefore, suggested to buy or send flowers online or offline and keep them daily at your rooms to increase the positive vibes in your households. And planting them makes it even easier to access.
  3. It releases oxygen which helps to breathe life and more openness in the aura of the house and helps to maintain a healthy environment.
  4. Keeping bamboo plants at home is believed to bring extreme good luck and good fortune. They are very auspicious according to Feng Shui. However, it should always be made sure that they are placed with the 5 elements of nature i.e. earth, water, fire, metal and wood. They are also great for gifting and you can send flowers along with bamboo plants to wish good luck for your closed ones as well.

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  1. To keep bamboo plants at home they should be placed in a jar containing pebbles (representing earth), a coin (symbolizing metal), and a little bit of water. You must have noticed a red thread always tied around the bamboos plants or containers they are kept it. This red color of the thread usually means the element fire.
  2. Keeping indoor plants, which are not necessarily flowering plants, are also a good idea as they are inexpensive and has very low maintenance.
  3. Bonsai plants are usually advised to be kept in offices so that they can adjust to any space. Their placement should east or southwest and given space to grow freely. Balance and harmony is maintained through bonsai plants.
  4. Money plants should always be kept in the south-east side of the house to make them more effective and bring wealth and prosperity in the house.
  5. As every Hindu is known to be very religious, Lord Vishnu is worshipped all over India and his favorite flower is said to be jasmine. That is why jasmine plants are usually planted or kept in households to bring good luck and prosperity. Jasmine included bouquets are therefore, high in demand when sending flowers online or offline, especially in India.
  6. Those households which have creepers or vine like plants like bougainvillea should place them in such a manner so that they can get a support to hold themselves. Climbers should always be made sure to have an upward growth on a fence or gate, etc. which denotes achievements and reaching heights.
  7. The Tulsi plant known to be worshipped at many households early mornings helps to purify the air of the house and keeps the atmosphere full of warmth and blessings.


  1. Keeping flowers at home requires daily maintenance. Gardening can mean a lot of time-consumption as well as unwanted expenses.
  2. Artificial flowers are a no-no for the household as their plastic nature induces negativity in the house. In fact, the metal and plastic that they are made with releases toxic aura which is not at all good for the house. Too much bright colors mean that it absorbs all negative energy of the house and stores them in. Keeping such plants are therefore very unhealthy.
  3. Bonsai plants, although good for open spaces and offices should not be kept at home because of their slow and stunted growth.
  4. Cacti plants should always be placed outside in balconies and not be kept inside the house as they have a bad omen and can trap negative energy.
  5. Flowers like plumerias (champa, chamela, nagchampa) and its other kinds should be always planted outside in the garden.
  6. It is best to remove wilted plants or old and dried out petals from houses as they represent death and also demoralize the entire aura of the household.
  7. Flower pots containing bright colored flowers should not be placed or hung on North, North-east or East side directions as these corners represent bad luck.

Flowers are such wondrous creations of nature that according to Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra they can infuse energy and trigger positive and negative vibes. They are nature’s forces which help to sync life with themselves. Their strength and effect on the surrounding atmosphere is simply awesome. So before you send flowers online or offline to anybody, make sure these pros and cons are known to them.

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