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5 Orchids and Their Meanings

5 Orchids and Their Meanings

  • Aratrika Dasgupta


No matter which flower is your favorite one, at least once in your life you have fascinated with the beauty and elegance of the pretty Orchid blossoms. There are over 20,000 orchid species all around the world and is among the most popular choices of flowers for both the florists and the flower lovers.

The exotic orchid flowers have been closely associated with virility, sexuality and fertility and have been regarded as a representative of love, elegance and fertility in most of the cultures and traditions.

Let’s find out each meaning of the different colors of this pretty flower:

  1. White orchids: The pure white orchid blossoms represent purity, elegance, innocent and reverence and can infuse anybody’s heart with the purest feelings of joy and admiration in the heart of the onlookers. Send an elegant bouquet of white orchids to a loved one who fills your heart with great adoration and surprises them out of the blue through the service of flowers delivery in Jamnagar.

 pure white orchid

  1. Purple Orchids: As pretty as the color, the bubbly blossoms of purple orchids hold a very beautiful meaning and significance. They represent deep admiration and royalty and have also been regarded as a token of respect. Pick a vibrant bouquet of stunning purple orchids and surprise an acquaintance who inspires you and infuses feelings of admiration in your heart for them with a doorstep delivery through the best of services that send flowers to Jamnagar.


 purple orchids

  1. Pink Orchids: The symbol of grace, joy and femininity, pink orchids are the perfect flowers to convey such emotions to a person you cherish the most. If you haven’t expressed your heartfelt feelings of gratitude towards your mother or sister, send them a beautiful bouquet of pink orchids and thank them for everything they have done for you. Pink Orchids is also regarded as a traditional gift for the 14th and 25th marriage anniversary, you can pick the best services of flowers delivery in Jamnagar and make their special day more special with your lovely wishes.

 pink orchids

  1. Yellow Orchids: Commemorate new beginnings and friendships with a delightful bouquet of yellow orchids which signify new beginnings and welcome new experiences to your life with open arms. Send flowers in Jamnagar and give a delightful surprise to your new friend.

 bouquet of yellow orchids


  1. Orange Orchids: These bubbly flowers represent boldness, pride and enthusiasm and are also regarded as a great gift to cherish someone’s cheerful presence in one’s life. Select one of the top florist services and send a gorgeous bouquet of orange orchid flowers delivery in Jamnagar.

orange orchid

You can either send a bouquet of exotic orchids to your loved ones either in a single gorgeous color or prepare a bouquet in coordinating colors for them. If you find it difficult to choose any particular color or a combination of two colors you can place an order for a mix orchid bouquet through a service of flowers delivery in Jamnagar and surprise a loved one with the unique and colorful assortment.



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