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Beautiful Flowers Bouquet for Valentine Week

Beautiful Flowers Bouquet for Valentine Week

  • Amelia Spencer

valentines day 2018

14th February or Valentine day is celebrated with couples to express their love and care. It keeps the strong bonding between them. Valentine day is celebrated for 7 days and each day has its own meaning. Mostly, couples give their love gift, roses, and chocolates according to the day. There will be no problem if they live in the same city and they can easily meet and express feelings. Every celebration needs attractive decoration to make it more beautiful. Sometimes the arrangements and decoration become easier but because of online shopping revolution, you don't need to worry. There are many online florists available which provide the affordable online flower delivery services.

valentines day kiss me
Which flower you should choose is depends on if it is a Rose Day, Hug Day or any other day of Valentine's Week. Roses are the symbol of love, passion, and romance and also the evergreen choice for Valentine's Day. But, if your love wants to have something different than should try something else. You can buy fresh flower bouquets which consist of orchids. While many girls and boys have relationships or love some but some are still trying to express their feeling and have friendships with their love.

Right flowers for different days of Valentine week:

Rose Day (7 February)

Valentines Rose Day 2018

The week of Valentine's Day begins with the Rose Day, which is celebrated with love and happiness. The Rose day is the best time to give your love a bouquet which is created using the collection of classic roses, bring chocolate with you to show your true love.

Propose Day: (8 February)

Valentines Propose Day 2018

The propose Day comes after the Rose Day and the day to confess your love to the person you love. Again, Rose is the most preferred choice for this day.

Chocolate Day (9 February)

Valentines chocolate Day 2018

This day could not be celebrated without delicious chocolates. The chocolate day increase sweetness in your relationship. If your love is offended from a long time then giving some chocolates with gifts and fresh Roses, Orchids and Lilies could make them happy.

Teddy Day (10 February)

valentines teddy day 2018

The Teddy Day is the day of giving a beautiful gift like a cute Teddy bear. It shows the innocence and purity of your love. Most of the girls used to play with Teddy Bears and the best gift to win the heart of a girl you love. Including different types of Roses, you can also present a Teddy Bear with Lilies, Orchids, and Carnations.

After the Rose day, You can present other beautiful flowers Lily, Orchids,  Gerbera, Carnation, Mix flowers, and Lillies are the best flowers that you can give on  Promise Day, Hug Day, Kiss Day, and the Valentine Day.

Why choose online flower delivery?

online flower delivery bloomsvilla

There is also a fear of getting dull or low-quality flower when you shop flowers from the nearby store. Also, this kind of chance could increase when you don't have time to assure the quality of flowers. Online flower delivery services help you a lot. All you need to find a reliable one!! People from the modern cities such as Bangalore can choose Bloomvilla's online flower delivery services. Their website is very user-friendly where you can choose from the great range of flowers for different kind of celebrations. As they provide the fastest delivery of flowers, it will be very beneficial for you to choose their online flower delivery services for valentine day.

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