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Most Ideal Flowers for Women’s Day

Most Ideal Flowers for Women’s Day

  • Aratrika Dasgupta

On the 8th of March, the world will celebrate International Women’s Day; let the important women in your life know how special they are for you by acknowledging their achievements and honouring their struggles with a kind gesture. Surprise your amazing mother, sister, girlfriend, wife or colleague with a lovely bouquet of gorgeous flowers and encourage them to excel in their life further. 

The following flowers are deemed to be the most popular pick of blossoms for the Women’s Day celebration: 

  • Roses: There are not many people who bear a dislike for the pretty blossoms of roses. Not only are roses regarded as an elegant and gorgeous symbol of love and passion but are also deemed to be the perfect choice of flowers for every occasion. Make a beloved woman’s day extra special by sending them a bunch of fresh roses on International Women’s Day through a florist service that helps send flowers to Pune and wish them a beautiful life.

 roses for women's Day

  • Tulips: A bunch of colourful blossoms of tulips are undoubtedly among the most beautiful spring flowers that can revive anyone’s mood and fill their heart with a jolt of happiness. The pretty flowers are available in many bright colours and tend to have a mild smell that makes it perfect even for those who are sensitive towards overpowering scents. Surprise the special women in your life by surprising them with stunning tulip bouquets on International Women’s Day and make their day immensely special and beautiful.

 Tulips for women's Day

  • Gerberas Daisies: These showy flowers are proud in appearance and tend to have a sunny disposition which makes them a cheerful bunch to look at. Declare your love and appreciation towards the woman who is like a ray of sunshine in your life with the help of beautiful blossoms of Gerbera Daisies. Pamper the woman you love with some extra love by sending them a bouquet of Gerbera Daisies through one of the most favoured services that send flowers to Pune and fill their day with love and happiness.


 Gerbera Daisies for women's day

  • Gardenias: Elegantly beautiful and showy in appearance, Gardenias are known for their charm and sweet scent. The pretty blossoms are deemed to be a symbol of secret love and purity. Send flowers to Pune and surprise the woman you adore this International Women’s Day and make their day a little special with your pure declaration.

 Gardenias for Women's Day

  • Mimosa: This beautiful flower can put a bright smile on anybody’s face and can fill the ambience of a place with newly found vigour and appeal. Besides being a pretty creation of nature, the blossoms of mimosas are closely associated with Women’s Day. In Italy, the flower is regarded as one of the iconic flowers that are associated with International Women’s Day. You can send cheers to a dear woman on the special day by sending her a bouquet of fresh and bright mimosas.

 Mimosa for womens day


  • Peonies: Just how different coloured peony tends to have a different distinctive smell, every woman tends to have distinctive qualities and virtues that make them unique and special. This International Women’s Day, celebrate the uniqueness of the important women in your life by sending them a beautiful arrangement of vibrant peonies and convey your feeling of admiration towards them.

 peonies for women day

  • Calla Lilies: Send a shout-out to a dear friend who has been doing great on her professional and personal forefront by surprising her with a marvellous bouquet of Calla Lilies. Take the help of one of the best florists to send flowers to Pune and surprise your dear pal with an elegant and charming bunch of flowers.

Calla Lilies for Women's Day

International Women’s Day is observed every year to acknowledge the contribution of women to society as a whole and aims at cherishing their powerful spirit. This International Women’s Day take a pledge to cherish the women in your life by giving them the love and respect they deserve. 

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