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Summer Flowers & Their Online Flower Delivery in Pune

Summer Flowers & Their Online Flower Delivery in Pune

  • Aratrika Dasgupta


The warm season of summer may be a favourite of many but the beautiful flowers that bloom in summer are definitely some of the prettiest and most popular ones.  Make the scorching heat of the season bearable for a loved one by surprising them with a beautiful bunch of flowers through home delivery in Pune.

If you are wondering which summer flowers are the most popular ones to send to a loved one, take a look at the following and pick the one that you think they would like the best:


  • Dahlia: The dazzling dahlias not only come in a variety of colours that range from bright to mellow and are also available in both clustered and rounded structure. Owing to their showy appearance and a wide selection of colours, dahlias are one of the most popular choices of flowers that are used extensively for many purposes. You can add a hint of colour and texture into your living room by placing a vibrant centrepiece of dahlias in it. Browse through your favourite florist site and place an order for dahlias through online flower delivery in Pune without much delay. 


flower delivery


  • Surprise Lily: Also known as the Magic Lily, this wonderful flower tends to take the onlookers by surprise because of its immense beauty and its sudden revival from the dry state to blossom vivaciously. Easy to maintain and pretty to look at, a cute bouquet of this summer blossom would really be a perfect surprise for a loved one who stays in Pune by sending them one through a service of instant flower delivery in Pune.


lily online flower delivery


  • Daffodils: Though the pretty flowers are tagged as spring blossoms, daffodils flourish vibrantly during the summer as well. The availability of the blossoms in a large number of shades and forms make them one of the favourites of the florists and their customers. Bring freshness into your workspace or study area by placing a stunning vase of daffodils on your desk. 


daffodils flower delivery


  • Marigolds: Easy to grow and maintain, the blossoms of marigolds bloom in bright popping colours that make it aesthetically very pleasing and uplifting. Besides being popular for religious practices and their medicinal properties, marigolds are also known as an organic pest and insect repellent. The extract derived from the marigold flowers is used to make organic food colour. This summer, bring home this amazing flowering plant through a service of for receiving an instant home delivery in Pune. 




  • Sunflowers: The sight of these peppy flowers swaying in the summer breeze can put anyone in a happy mood. The bright colour and sunny disposition of these pretty flowers make sunflowers the ultimate choice of flowers to liven up a dull room or to uplift a low mood.Order online flower delivery in Pune and help cheer a loved one who has been under the rough weather for some time now with a cheerful basket of bright sunflowers. 


sunflower online delivery in pune


  • Peonies: These delicate beauties are undoubtedly one of the most popular flowers of all seasons and a favourite of everyone. The sweet smell and availability of a wide range of colours make it easier for people to admire the beauty of blossom. Express your warm feelings to a loved one in this warm season with the help of a service that does instant flower delivery in Pune by sending them a gorgeous bouquet of peonies along with a personal note.


peonies flower delivery

  • Roses: Nothing beats the beauty and elegance of romantic roses and almost anybody can vouch for that in favour of this blossom. Though a little high maintenance, roses tend to thrive well under given conditions and have a long shelf-life.The beauty of a bunch of roses can revamp the look and feel of any place; make sure to incorporate fresh roses in your home this summer season to infuse life to your home decor.


Roses online flower delivery in Pune


  • Gerbera Daisies: These summer blossoms are not only popular as bouquet arrangements but are also extensively used for decoration purpose during special ceremonies and events. The pretty colours and sunny structure of the blossom make a delight aesthetic that enhances the mood of the onlookers instantly. You can bring beauty and freshness into your home by placing a gorgeous centrepiece or vase arrangement of gerbera daisies in your living room today. 


gerbera daisies flowers



  • Zinnias: A member of the aster family, zinnia is regarded as hardy drought resistant flower that has an enormous aesthetic value. This summer, jazz up the look of your garden or interiors by adding colourful zinnia plants into your space. Get in touch with your trusted florist and order zinnia plants for home delivery in Pune. Make sure to learn about the tips and tricks to maintain the plants from your florists.


zinnia bouquet delivery


  • Lavender: Known for its galore of beneficial properties and uses, lavender is one of such flowers that not only make up a pretty purple picture but also acts as a natural cleanser. Infuse a sweet and refreshing aroma in your home and relax your mind and spirit with lavender by ordering an instant flower delivery in Pune. 

Lavender - online flower delivery


  • Aster: The summer flower that mimics the shape of twinkling stars is surely a popular choice for many occasions. Available in a variety of colours, asters are among the perfect blossoms to add refreshing colours to your hot summer days. You can either order beautiful arrangements for your home and office or simply place order aster seeds to grow them in the garden. Asters are low maintenance and easy to care for if you plant them in your garden your home will become a beautiful abode of sweet smell and beautiful butterflies. 



  • Hibiscus: This exotic beauty straight from the tropics is one of such flowers that have a wide range of beneficial properties. Available in colours like red, white, purple, yellow, pink and orange, hibiscus is not just famed for its beauty but is also regarded for its medicinal and beauty properties. If you are one of those who are blessed with a beautiful garden, make sure to include this amazing flowering shrub into your little abode to enjoy its benefits to the fullest. Find out from the local florist shops if they sell seeds of this amazing shrub and bring it home immediately.
  • hibiscus flower delivery


  • Petunias: Available in pretty shades of red, white, pink, purple and yellow, petunias are a cheerful bunch of beauties to look at. Help a friend get into the spirit of the new season to welcome summer with open arms by sending them a beautiful basket of petunias through a service of online flower delivery in Pune.





  • Pansies: No matter how dull a place is a bunch of gorgeous pansies can instantly add a vibrant charm to the place. When the heat becomes too much for you to bear, add a dollop of cool and freshness into your life by decorating your home with beautiful vases of pansies in light and soft shades.


pansies online flower delivery in pune

Celebrate the onset of a new season with the freshness of beautiful flowers by bringing home gorgeous flower arrangements this summer. Warm up the hearts of your near and dear ones by surprising them out the blue with best of the season’s blossoms.



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